Welcome From KLA President

Greetings and welcome to our 2020 conference:  Big Think, Innovation, Inspiration, Impact.

This has certainly been a year of Big Thinking – one of the most difficult board motions to make for this conference junky was to make the motion to be innovative and move the physical conference to a virtual platform. I love the learning and the networking that a conference provides.  I hope that you find ways to connect with each other on the virtual conference platform that is offered and continue to discuss the programs you chose to attend long after this first-of-a-kind virtual conference is wrapped up.

This year It has been inspirational to watch my colleagues in this profession go through some of the most difficult challenges in their careers not only from the pandemic that still ravages many of our communities but from the systemic racism that has fueled many discussions and calls for change in our community and in others across the state.  The impact of both of these challenges will continue to be felt by our members for some time to come, prompting many changes that will impact our work along the way.

Kudos to the conference planning committee and their chair, Meagan Zampieri, who has had to recreate conference as we have experienced it in the past. They have worked diligently to plan a one-day virtual continuing education opportunity that is designed for our members to get the most out of a difficult situation.

It has been a great honor to serve as KLA President this last year and to be able serve with a great group of librarians on KLA Council from across the state.  

My hope is that you will enjoy the conference and that you remain well and healthy until we meet again.

Best wishes always.


Robin Newell

KLA President